ARRIGŌ offers you the option to purchase a gift voucher in the form of a "GIFT" card.

- The "GIFT" card can be charged with any credit in CZK currency (payment on the spot with cash or credit card)
- The "GIFT" card has no expiration date
- The "GIFT" card can be used while paying for meals in the ARRIGŌ restaurant or in "Our Shop"

The "GIFT" card will be issued to you at the reception of ARMEX LiveCentrum or directly at the ARRIGŌ restaurant by the staff.

To issue a "GIFT" card, the name of the recipient or the name of the donor is required.

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Unique gastronomy for everyone
In the beginning this was all just a dream. Then came the opportunity to create. We did not hesitate, and we took the opportunity responsibly into our own hands. We thought out every detail, we discovered new technology, we opened up old recipes. And that is how ARRIGŌ came to be. The place where modern meets traditional, healthy meets extraordinary, and all for an acceptable price. A place where, thanks to love for this craft, we change food into an experience that will delight all your senses.
Unforgettable Restaurant in Děčín
Everything began with admiration for the old craftsmanship of farmers and culinary masters. Our goal is to reflect these principles into today’s gastronomy. That is how our unique menu was created: it is driven by tradition, but keeps with the times. Food and the love of food is not just about the taste. Food must smell good, look good, be perfectly served. Before you try it, you must be able to savor it. And we will take care of all of that. In the care of our super team of chefs, ambassador chefs, professional wait staff, bartenders, and baristas, you will always feel exceptional.
Our Café with delicious drinks
Staying hydrated is essential, but it does not have to be a chore. That is why we think it is appropriate to focus on quality, fully developed taste, and your experience during tasting. Whether it is the quality of the grapes, coffee beans, or tea leaves, we have picked the suppliers of our drinks in such a way as to be sure of their quality. We daily prepare homemade products for you.
Our shop and bistro
Did you like the raspberry vinaigrette that you tried at the salad bar? Or the evergreen “honey,” which was a part of your lunch? Would you like to use these products in your own kitchen? No problem; that’s why we have a Shop, where you have the opportunity to buy our homemade products, ingredients from partnering farms, and much more. A part of the Shop is a modern bistro with comfortable seating, where from the early morning you can enjoy premium as well as traditional coffee, fresh juices, a wide variety of breakfasts made with ingredients fresh from the farm, or snacks such as open-faced sandwiches, healthy dishes, oatmeal, and other goodies. Everything can of course be ordered to go.
From Our Bakery
Every morning our baker gets up earlier than the hens from our partner farms, so that he can warm up the oven in time and bake fresh bread for breakfast, baked goods for soup at lunch, and sweet and salty products for Shop. All of this is done with respect to his craft and authenticity, which you will surely discover after tasting.
Summer and winter terrace with a view of the green landscape
You can enjoy your gastronomic experience at ARRIGŌ on our spacious terrace with a capacity of up to 100 guests literally all year long. In the summer, you can pleasantly warm yourself up in the sun; in the winter months, you will certainly welcome the unique opportunity to sit on the panoramic and heated terrace. You will feel very pleasant and comfortable, as if you were sitting inside. You can enjoy the outdoor seating any season of the year. Here, you can enjoy not only great food and drinks from our restaurant, but also coffee and desserts from our Café, and breakfasts and light snacks from Shop with its bistro. The terrace has an individual smoking area, so you can enjoy a good cigar with your quality coffee.
Is there a special event coming up that means a great deal to you? Do you want everything to be perfect? Do you care about where the ingredients come from? Do you like the newest trends and wish that your food would not only be rich and flavorful, but also unique? We understand that your “D-Day”– whether it be your wedding, company party, or other celebration – is of great importance to you and we will try to accommodate you in all respects.
Our meat supplier: Antonín Nygrín
Antonín Nygrín supplies your table with the best beef, pork, veal, lamb, and poultry from free range animals in Dolní Suchá.
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Our milk products supplier Milena Krejzová
Milena Krejzová is our exclusive supplier of goat milk products. You can look forward to a selection of their homemade goat cheese, curds, milk, and whey.
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Our smoked meat suppliers: Milan Galamba and Petr Skokan
Misters Milan Galamba and Petr Skokan make quality and fresh smoked meats especially for ARRIGŌ’s Shop and Culinary. They are also our supplier of dry aged beef steaks.
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Our beer supplier: Falkenštejn Brewery
In Krásná Lípa, they brew draft and bottled beer ARRIGŌ exclusively for us from choice hops.
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Our team
Our goal is to offer you excellent food made with the best ingredients, made by the most qualified hands. That is why we carefully pick each member of our team, so that your gastronomic experience is the best possible. Chefs with many years of experience from the best Czech and international restaurants work for us; amongst them you may see familiar faces and Michelin Award winners. Some of them work for us permanently and you will regularly see them in our open kitchen, preparing for you the best of their art. Others have gladly joined us as ambassadors – they will put together special menus and cook for you during weeks focused on different types of cuisine.
Where can you find us?
Duchcovská 827/6
Děčín 405 02


+420 412 152 811

We are part of
ARMEX LiveCentrum

Opening hours
Restaurant with terrace:
Sun-Thu 11:30-22:00
Fri-Sat 11:30-24:00

Café with terrace:
Sun-Thu 7:30-22:00
Fri-Sat 7:30-24:00

Shop and Bakery:


Lunch menu:
From 11:30

Á la carte menu:
11:30 – 21:30